Coffee capsules espresso 10 pack


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Suitable for Nespresso machines.

I'm saved because my best-before date has passed. But “exceeded” doesn't mean that I'm no longer tasty! SECEND has checked my quality extensively, so you can consume me without worries.

Best before date: 02/26/2021

Note: The best-before date for this product may soon be exceeded or has already passed. However, it has been carefully sensory tested - the result: still very enjoyable . Nevertheless, we recommend that you only store the product for a short time and enjoy it as soon as possible.

The lungo capsules not only convince in terms of taste, they also score points when it comes to sustainability. They are both Fairtrade and Bio Bud certified and carry the seedling seal. This means that the capsules are broken down in the composting plant in just 4-12 weeks.


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