Swiss ketchup 230g

Hugo Reitzel

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I am saved because my best-before date is almost reached. The retail trade only accepts products that are officially best-before for a certain period of time and that's exactly where we step into the breach for you.

Best before date: 10/29/2021

Note: The best-before date of this product may soon be exceeded or has already passed < b data-mce-fragment = "1">. However, we have carefully checked it from a sensory point of view - the result: still very enjoyable. Nevertheless, we recommend that you only store the product for a short time and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Ingredients: Tomatoes (198g per 100g ketchup) (CH), agave syrup 18%, brandy vinegar, corn starch, iodized table salt (CH), elderberry juice concentrate .

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