Our Mission

We are Angeline and Laurin - the founders of Secend. A woman from Lucerne and a man from Graubünden, at home in the city of Zurich.

We have been lucky enough to discover the world internationally as models for years. After almost five years in the USA, we moved back to Switzerland in 2019. We have been concerned with the sustainable and conscious use of resources for a long time.

The inspiration for Secend was a 'Savior Market' at Berlin's Ostbahnhof, which offers the best quality food at cheaper prices. The only defect in the products: a short or partially exceeded best before date (BBD). We personally were never put off by the best before date. After some research, we were also able to determine that scientific reports always say the same thing: the best before date is purely a guideline. Food is often still safe to eat weeks, months or even years after it expires.

So we thought about how we could save as much food as possible from being thrown away. Affordable prices and the ease of ordering products online straight to your home. This is how our online shop was created. With Secend, we hope to make saving food easier and minimize food waste in Switzerland. Because together we can achieve great things!


Founders of SECEND: Laurin Krausz & Angeline Suppiger

Our mission

In Switzerland, a third of all food is thrown away. Which means 330 kg per person annually!

Throwing away food is an incredible waste of resources and has far-reaching consequences for animals, people and our planet. Food waste is also an ethical problem. We throw away edible and precious food while other people go hungry. The food thrown away in Europe alone could feed 200 million people.

So we at SECEND save the products and sell them in our online shop with great discounts. By working directly with producers and wholesalers, we are able to save and offer a large amount of food. We want to draw attention to the issue of food waste and thus encourage society, politics and business to rethink. This not only increases the appreciation of food, but also makes an important contribution to greater sustainability and climate protection. We create a win-win-win situation in which the environment, customers and our partners win.



Better saved than sorry

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