Our Mission

In Switzerland a third of all food is thrown away . Which means 330 kg per person per year!

Throwing away food is an incredible waste of resources and has far-reaching consequences for animals, humans and our planet. Food waste is also an ethical problem. We throw away edible and precious foods while other people are starving. The food thrown away in Europe alone could feed 200 million people.

So we at SECEND save the products and sell them in our online shop with great discounts. By working directly with producers and wholesalers, we are able to save and offer a large amount of food. We want to draw attention to the topic of food waste and thus encourage society, politics and the economy to rethink. This not only increases the appreciation of food, but also makes an important contribution to more sustainability and climate protection. We create a win-win-win situation for the environment, our customers and our partners.

We are proud to work with BBI Züri West .

BBI Züri West has set itself the task of preparing people for entry or re-entry into the increasingly complex everyday working life with a wide range of offers. The apprentices can put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired into practice right away. They work with us in the warehouse, help with incoming goods as well as with preparing and shipping parcels.

Better saved than sorry

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