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Jakob's Basler Leckerly - edge pieces 1kg

Jakob's Basler Leckerly

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I am saved because my shape does not conform to the norm. With every production, «edge pieces », which are normally thrown away because the he retail trade only accepts products that are flawless. This is exactly where we step into the breach for you.

Best before date: 01/30/2022

Note: The best-before date for this product may soon be exceeded or has already passed . However, we carefully checked it with the senses - the result: still very enjoyable. Nevertheless, we recommend that you only store the product for a short time and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Ingredients: Honey, WHITE FLOUR, sugar, ALMONDS, orange peel and lemon peel (sugar, glucose syrup, orange peel, lemon peel. May contain traces of sulfites), raising agent E500, spice, cherry 45% vol. < / p>

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