Vegan box


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Our «Vegan Box » contains the following foods:

1 x Crunchy Almond Granola 400g - Rude Health
1 x Nuts and Berries 150g - Majestic Natura
1 x Chocolate Primo 71% Coconut 91g - Choba Choba
1 x Quinoa Chips - Tomato & Parsley 85g - Snatt's
2 x Raspberry Cookie 65g - Freely Handustry
1 x Cocoa Hazelnut Bar BIO 90g - Body and Good
1 x Sriracha Peanut Crunchy 125g - Mitsuba
1 x Rice Cakes with Dark Chocolate BIO 100g - Body und Gut
2 x Date-me Choco'Bar Hazelnut 37g - Freely Handustry
1 x Beetroot Chips 18g - Snacky
1 x Carrot Chips 18g - Snacky
1 x Raw Bar Peanut Choco 30g - Quinbite
1 x Raw Bar Choco Orange 30g - Quinbite
1 x Barista Oat Drink BIO 1l - Rude Health
1 x Chocolate Drink 1l - Sproud
1 x Cashew with Chili 100g - Pakka
1 x Cashew with pepper 100g - Pakka
1 x cinema hemp 35g - Alpine pioneer

Note: The best-before date for these products may soon be exceeded or has already passed. However, we have carefully checked it from a sensory point of view - the result: still very enjoyable. Nevertheless, we recommend that you only store the product for a short time and enjoy it as soon as possible.

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